Delyn are manufacturers of plastic food packaging covering Meat & BBQ, Salads & Wet Pasta, Snacks, Party Foods, Bakery, Convenience / Ready Meals and other sectors and are known for Fast Response, High levels of Flexibility, Short Lead Times and the ability to get things done quickly while maintaining very high levels of quality and service.

We opened in March 2003 and operate to BRC /IoP Global Standard Category 1.

Our Offer - Bespoke, design led trays, Design options from a large ready made tool bank AND a range of Industry ‘Standard’ tray sizes and have developed very fast lead times and low cost sampling for new product development as well as original tooling.

Our Aim – is to remove the barriers to trade and we do everything possible to create a trading environment with our customers..

We specialise in both Food and Non-Food packaging including markets such as Meat and Fish, BBQ, Salads and Wet Pasta, Snack Foods & Convenience, Dairy, Antipasti, Pharaceuticals and Cosmetics.

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