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Delyn Packaging is an established manufacturer of high quality thermoformed packaging covering many diverse sectors, including: non-food; cosmetics; pharmaceuticals; pet foods; meat & BBQ; salads & wet pasta; snacks; party foods; bakery; convenience / ready meals; and other sectors.

We are renowned for our fast response, high levels of manufacturing flexibility and short lead times - it’s why customers who come to us, stick with us! We’re proud of our ability to exceed expectations while operating to very high levels of product quality and customer service. Whatever your requirement we’re here to talk you through the process of getting you the perfect product, right when you need it.

Delyn Packaging holds a BRC Higher Grade certificate and operates to IoP Global Standard Category 1.

Our Offer

Delyn Packaging’s in-house, design led approach has given us a large platform of “off-the-shelf” products that suit the majority of client requirements; however bespoke design options could give your item a clear USP for maximum impact.

Delyn has a comprehensive existing tool bank suitable across sectors AND a range of industry ‘standard’ tray sizes. Our quick turnaround on new projects with design, low cost sampling, and short lead times for new product development is what gives Delyn the edge.

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Our Aim

To remove the barriers to trade - we do everything possible to create a trading environment with our customers. We aim to deliver delight!

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Our Specialisations

We’re expert in both food and non-food packaging including markets such as: meat and fish; BBQ, salads, wet pasta, snack foods, convenience, dairy, produce, seafood, desserts, chocolate, bakery, antipasti, pharmaceuticals; personal care; cosmetics; household care; and many others.

Contact us us, and let us show you what we can do.

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We manage our customers’ requirements via a series of rigorous standards and processes, all of which add up to great service levels and products that delight. This means we concentrate on efficient stock control - managing demand on JIT (just in time) products by working with you on forward forecasting to plan out our manufacturing, storage and distribution strategies.

Delyn understands the seasonal nature of our clients’ businesses - we appreciate the challenges these present so we work hard to help you manage these periods of intense demand.

Delyn adds value through agreed co-packing services. We run a full padding operation for meat trays, we fit ‘sporks’ into salad trays and we label trays where required - dovetailing in with your business needs.

Please contact us if you have any contract packing requirement and we would be pleased to quote for you.