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New Delyn Packaging Web Site

Delyn are delighted to announce our New Web Site and video showing our capabilities and how we can deliver delight for our clients:

During 2018 we re-assessed where the plastic packaging market is going and have adapted our design and development department to deliver innovative designs based on clean smooth lines The sectors of Food, Non Food and Pharma require differing approaches and our flexibility and innovation in design and manufacture present real USP’s for all clients.

Working for hand in hand with our customers we are able to generate great ideas and designs that can be presented to their customers – the major retailers – and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.

Let us have your enquiry and we will discreetly work with you to establish a point of difference with your packaging, whatever the sector you operate in.

Delyn Packaging statement on plastics.

Following recent comments in the media regarding plastics, Delyn Packaging have issued the following comment.

Delyn packaging take their environmental commitments very seriously. Plastics allow food manufacturers amongst others, to deliver high quality foods to the consumer, protecting food safety and helping to extend product life and ensure product integrity.

All the plastics Delyn use, are fully recyclable. In most cases they are manufactured from a minimum of 55% recycled material with in some cases the recycled content being up to 80%. In addition, 99% of the waste material produced during the manufacturing process is recycled.

Delyn will continue to review the most up to date advances in material technology to help deliver these benefits to consumers, industry and to preserve the natural resources of the planet.

In common with all of the plastics industry Delyn urge the government to focus upon increasing the availability of recycling schemes to benefit all and reduce the plastics going unnecessarily to landfill.

Team Changes at Delyn

The beginning of September brought a change of role at Delyn for Chris Fishbourne. Chris who’s been with the business as an engineer for 5 years has been training on our ‘Solidworks’ design programme to enable him to take on the role of design engineer. Chris has now completed all his initial training and we have seen some super new designs for him for several projects. This new role for Chris will allow Delyn to deliver exciting bespoke design ideas for our clients.

Design Software – Update

Delyn have updated our subscription with the the latest ‘Solidworks’ CAD design software. This enables us to quickly produce the latest designs for our customers. With Solidworks all designs can now go straight to the CAD for fast production of prototype samples.