C2-38 Twin Cavity Microwave Tray

D734 (0-556)

C2 - 38 Twin Cavity Microwave Tray. This tray has been designed to take a variety of food products that can be heated in the microwave. Two cavities including a protein in one and perhaps sachet of sauce in the other making it ideal for Sandwich Fillers and sauce. The tray is made in Polypropylene and can be made with extended shelf life barrier film.

Delyn also make several versions of this tray but in rPET (not hot fill) All options are available in Clear or Black material and are available to order.

This tray is made in microwaveable material which is suitable for hot fill and heating in the microwave over (not conventional oven)

Please note: All products are made to order.

Shape Rectangle
Length 180
Width 131
Depth 38
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